Regatta tips for Spring Season

Regatta tips for Spring Season

If you haven’t already, please buy or plan to buy a family membership to the Garden.   It makes it a lot smoother on race day to have them scan a membership card than to come up with the entry fee at the gate for every regatta.  Membership allows you entry in the Garden for the rest of the year and discounts on NBG programs and purchases.

Norfolk Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place to hold the majority of our Spring races.   The tents and trailers get parked in a shady grove where it can be cool, especially early in the season.

Dress yourselves and kids in layers and have your rower bring a bag large enough to put those clothes into as they are taken off as the day warms.  Please mark all belongings with your name as 20 black medium Hickory hooded sweatshirts all look exactly alike.  While we all like to support the crew gear committee from time to time, lost items are just plain aggravating.

Have your rower bring extra socks and clothes to change into if/when they get wet.   Spending a chilly day in wet clothes is unpleasant!

Bring sunscreen, especially at the Mathews regattas where there is no tree cover.

Bring chairs.  A long day is a lot longer when you have no place to sit down.   Something to read can help with the lag times between races if you aren’t helping at the office or the food tent.

Don’t forget the food item you signed up to bring!  It should arrive at the food tent at the same time as your rower.   Make sure it arrives at the food tent and checked off, and not dropped in a heap some random place to be hunted down.   We have large coolers with ice that we use to keep perishables fresh.  Doing a handoff helps make sure everything we serve is healthy, fresh, and available as an ingredient when it is time to serve it.

If you are not attending the regatta, your food item still needs to be there.  Contact Bruce and Michelle Wallace  at  [email protected]   and arrangements will be made for that item to get to the race.

Everyone stays until the last race is over and the trailer is loaded and strapped down.   Exceptions can be made to this rule if you have valid place to go and must be cleared by the Coach.

After the regatta, the rowers go straight back to the Boathouse to unload the trailer and re-rig the boats so that they are available for practice on Monday morning.