A Vital Part of the Team

Crew Parents are a vital support group for the Hickory rowing program. All crew parents are encouraged to become actively involved with the crew program and attend our monthly meetings. FOHRC is a non-profit organization where rowers and parents provide the manpower and financial resources necessary to sustain the club.

Friends of Hickory Rowing Club, Inc. (FOHRC) is an organization dedicated to fostering the sport of rowing for students of Hickory High School. When a student joins FOHRC, his/her parents also become part of the club as non-rowing members. Both rowers and parents are expected to participate in fundraising activities. FOHRC does not receive funds from the school system but relies on dues, donations, and fundraising to maintain the operating budget and realize capital for projects, equipment, maintenance, and competitions. In addition to dues, members will participate in a combination of fundraising and volunteer hours to fulfill this requirement.

All persons associating themselves with the FOHRC are to always conduct themselves in a respectful manner, exemplifying sportsmanship when interacting with any person in any setting. All rowers, coaches, and parents are subject to exemplifying good conduct during all FOHRC activities, including social, competitive, or volunteer gatherings.

Members in compliance with the expectations contained in this contract can expect to be educated in the sport of rowing. Members will learn sportsmanship, boatmanship, as well as the ability to work with others toward a common goal for the benefit of all involved. Crew is a lifelong sport whether participants continue to row or not, experiences and lessons learned will last forever.

Rower Code of Conduct

Each rower has a responsibility to conduct him or herself in a positive manner that promotes team integrity. All rowers should demonstrate respect to the coaches, all adults, each other and competing students at all times.

The following behaviors will not be tolerated at practice, regattas, erg pulls or any event sponsored by the club or the EVSRA:

Disrespect to anyone
-Bad language or cursing
-Public Display of Affection (PDA)
(no kissing, sitting on each other, etc.)

Membership Dues and Obligation Requirement

Dues are collected each year to support the operating costs of the HRC.

All payments are to be made to:
Friends of Hickory Rowing Club or (FOHRC)

Operating costs include, but are not limited to:
-Expenses incurred for the ownership and safe operation of the boats and other equipment during all seasons.
-Regatta fees and travel expenses
-Coaching expenses, as deemed appropriate by the Board.
-Acquisition of boats and equipment aimed at improving and growing our program.

The membership dues and fundraising requirement for the current year is $1,200.00 per rower. The dues and fundraising requirement are due on the dates indicated below: These dues may be paid in full through cash/check or by fundraising all or part of the amount.

– First Installment: $600 due by September’s General Membership Meeting (usually the first Thursday of the month)
– Second Installment: $600 is due by February’s General Membership Meeting (usually the first Thursday of February)

FOHRC has a 500-Point Obligation Requirement for each family to earn throughout the season. It takes many volunteer hours to support the team and it is our intention to evenly distribute the workload so some families are not carrying a disproportionate amount of the load. If this requirement is not met, the rower may not participate in any of the FOHRC functions until the obligation is paid. . A list of activities and their values is contained at the end of this contract. The Secretary calculates each family’s account. Each month, a statement will be provided at the General Membership Meeting indicating the amount of points earned to date, at which time parents will initial in agreement. The points must be earned by the end of the last regatta of the Spring season or you will be assessed a $1.00 per point for the remaining balance of points due at that time.

A member in good standing shall be defined as: A rower, who has completed the swim test, has a current physical on record, whose parent(s) has signed the “Parent/Rower Contract” and whose dues/fundraising and Parent points’ commitments are current and has all required forms submitted.” Rowers will be barred from the boathouse, participation in water practice and competing in regattas if they are not in good standing. Members in good standing shall enjoy the safe use of all amenities owned by the club.

The club’s budget is prepared based on the number of rowers expected at the beginning of the fall season and therefore pro-rating is unauthorized for dues, fundraising and obligation requirements for any members, including those members who join after the fall rowing season. Dues, fundraising and obligation requirements will not be reimbursed for any rower who chooses to leave the club at any time during the year. Those participating in summer camp will be allowed to apply those funds toward their first installment of dues. Reimbursement may be considered for military members who are transferred on short notice; however, a copy of the members’ orders must be presented to the Executive Committee for review and consideration before reimbursement may be applied.

In addition to dues, members shall be responsible for the cost of uniforms as well as expenses to and from long distance events for each individual rower. The coaches, in conjunction with the Board, will determine uniform requirements for the team. Estimation of additional expenses required of each rower are listed below:

– Fall uniforms consist of a Juniper rowing top and black shorts. The cost of the rowing top is approximately $35 and any black spandex shorts are approximately $30.
– Spring uniforms consist of a rowing top and warm-up shirt. The Hickory Crew jacket is optional, but recommended. The cost of the rowing top is approximately $40 and warm-up shirts $30 and the Jacket is approximately $140-$150. Orders for required items require payment in full when ordered.
– A food assignment list will be issued for each regatta in order to provide healthy and sufficient food for the rowers throughout the day. Each rower is expected to provide his or her assigned food item for each regatta. The Food Assignment Director has no way of knowing if a rower will be absent for a regatta at the time the food list is distributed, rowers are therefore expected to supply their food item, even if they are not attending the regatta.


Fundraising opportunities will be provided throughout the year to help defer the out-of-pocket cost of dues and may include: Fundraising letters to friends, family, businesses; car washes; product sales; other opportunities that the Fundraising Chair develops.


Carwash, etc./
Profits will be used for Team Expenses. Each rower must work at least half of this mandatory activity to receive credit.

Other requirements and information

Before participating in water practice and regattas, each rower will be required to demonstrate swimming proficiency by completing a swim test set up by the coaching staff. Once a rower has demonstrated proficiency to the coaching staff, there will be no requirement for the rower to retake the test as long as the rower maintains his membership in good standing.

Any rower who fails to demonstrate swimming proficiency will be barred from water practice and regattas until they are able to pass the test.

Each Rower will be responsible for having a current physical examination before the beginning of fall practice. The physical examination can be completed by your family physician or by the school. Physical Exam Forms required by Hickory High School are available at the HHS Main Office.

Rowers will be barred from participating in club activities, and water practice and regattas without an up-to-date physical examination and other required FOHRC forms. Physical exams are only good for the period of one year. Therefore each rower must submit a physical form that is dated no earlier than June 1st of the current rowing season, making it valid throughout the duration of the entire season. This is VHSL policy.

Membership Meetings

The General Membership meeting will be held the 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Towne Bank on Mt. Pleasant Rd. as per its availability. If you were elected to the Executive Board/Committee you will  meet 1 hour prior to the general membership at 6:00 p.m. Membership will be notified of any changes to the normal schedule via email.   The purpose of the meeting is to review the budget, vote on any resolutions or expenditures requiring general membership approval and to discuss and/or update issues that are in need of discussion. If you do not attend, you do not have a voice in the decisions being made.  At least one parent member is expected to attend.  Out of respect for each member’s time, every attempt will be made to limit these meetings to a reasonable time frame.

If a member has an item he/she would like addressed at a meeting, he/she must present it to any board member, who will pass it to the Secretary of the Board, before the board meeting. The Board will determine if it is an appropriate agenda item and address it accordingly.  If a critical issue arises after the Board meeting but before the general meeting, the parent may contact the Club President no later than 24 hours before the general meeting.  Any other issues requiring attentions can be brought to a Board member at any time and will be addressed accordingly.

Procedure for Grievance/Complaint

Grievances or complaints occasionally arise. Based on past experience it is usually a result of miscommunication and/or lack of understanding. It is the policy of the club to resolve a grievance/complaint at the lowest level possible. If the situation is not resolved, a Board member should be contacted. The Board member will then contact the Club’s President who will discuss the issue with the entire board as well as the coach, if necessary. The board will attempt to settle the complaint to everyone’s satisfaction. Once the complaint has been addressed by the Board, the ruling of the Board is final.

School Holidays

There are no mandatory practices during school holidays (e.g. winter and Spring Break); however, we do encourage continued conditioning during this time and practices may be scheduled if agreed upon by both the coach and rowers.