Please take a minute and check with your HR department to see if they have any community give back programs. Since our team is a non-profit organization, certain companies offer financial (or like kind) support. If you discover they do, let me know and I will fill out whatever is necessary to help make sure our team gets the help we need.

Parking at Brookdale Farms

Address: 2113 Mt. Pleasant Road.
(Note: We are considered staff and park in lot #3, which is off MAXWELL Street.)

Their requests of our volunteers:
· Park the cars as close as possible. Line them up pointed toward Mt. Pleasant and then another row pointed toward the strawberry patch. Lots #1 and #2 can accommodate 2 long rows of parking.
· 2 people will be stationed at lot 1 (one person will remain close to the entrance at Mt Pleasant and 2 towards the back of the lot). Start parking cars at lot 1, until filled- then move on to lot #2 (if they have it ready for parking. They provide us with vests and walkie talkies which help us communicate as spots become available. Rotate if breaks are needed.
· The first person in lot 1 will serve as the greeter to the vehicle arriving.
· Once people start leaving the farm- cars must leave via Maxwell street as it is a one way from Mt. Pleasant into Brookdale. This is to avoid accidents on Mt. Pleasant.
· If people try to park then walk to the competing farm beside Brookdale (which is Mt. Pleasant Farm) just remind them our lots are for Brookdale Farms only. (we found out it appears to be a Hatfield/ McCoy competition between the two farms)
· We have been asked to park our personal cars in the 3rd lot (off Maxwell street) to help minimize congestion at the front lots. It is ok for us to break the “do not enter” rule here. From Mt. Pleasant, Make a right onto Maxwell then a left past the house near the silos.

Some helpful advice:
1. Bring rain boots, a jacket, sunscreen (if the sun ever comes out again), sunglasses, a hat and drinks. You will be outside and who knows what the weather will be like.
2. If it is raining prior to our arrival time, text or call me (641-6762) and I will verify we will still work. You can also check their FB page. They will post closings, but most of the time it is posted after our scheduled arrival time.
3. Wear your Crew spirit wear if you can and comfortable shoes!
4. SIGN IN and out at the checkout stand and specify you are with Hickory Crew. Let me know your worked hours so I can keep an accurate accounting of how much $$ we should receive from them. This is most important!!
5. If they decide to cancel or limit our number of volunteers, I will know at the last minute. Text me or call beforehand in case of heavy rains. My cell is 641-6762.

Remember that during strawberry season Brookdale does NOT have the designated play area or the hayride loading area- it will all be parking. Therefore, all parking will be in the first lot (unless they get super busy).

Fundraising with Great Bridge Crew at ODU venues

Their website is On the Fundraiser page you’ll find email links to their coordinators for the football/basketball game concession stand at ODU and the Summer Amphitheater spots.  Click on the calendar to see who’s working each gig.   Great Bridge members split their earnings with some going to the Club and some to their dues.  Luckily Hickory rules allow all of our earnings to go toward each rower’s dues.   They allow us to participate because they can’t always fill all the available spots with their own group.  They have prime spots at each venue and don’t want to lose them because they don’t have enough workers for a shift.  You sign up by emailing the coordinators with your dates and they fill the spots first-come-first-served.   Even if the shift looks full, if you are available to work, go ahead and sign up to be an alternate because people frequently drop out at the last minute and alternates move up to the primary spots.

Football season appears to be almost fully staffed for the rest of the season, but if you care to work, sign up as alternates directly via the website/email and ask to be put on the email list!   Basketball season will be posted soon and sometimes there are other events going on at the Ted Constant center that they need help with.  Aramark runs the concessions at these venues.

Please, please, please…if you are on the list as an alternate, you are asked to be available to work until game time in case of last minute emergency cancellations.  If you need to cancel for any reason, please let Joanne Tuin (phone number below) know ASAP, even if you are an alternate, since we are depending on you to be available if needed.  Aramark needs a list of workers 4-5 days in advance, and constant last minute changes are frowned upon. Also, it’s difficult and time consuming to find workers at the last minute if alternates aren’t available.

You do not have to be TIPS trained to work ODU Football or Basketball games or possess a food handler’s card.

Home games are held at Foreman Field, Foreman Field, 5115 Hampton Blvd , Norfolk , VA 23529 (map).  You will need to park in the 45th & Hampton Blvd. parking garage on the upper floors, 5th floor or higher.  It is approximately a 4 block walk to Foreman Field, so plan accordingly to check in at the scheduled report time.

How to get there:  Exit the parking garage on 46th St .  Turn right on Hampton Blvd.  Turn left on 49th.  Turn right on Bluestone Ave.   Once you see the black iron fence on your right, continue until you get to the open gate.  The check in desk is located there.  We are asked to bring a picture ID to check in, they may or may not ask for it.  A point of contact person (POC) from GBCC will be at the front to show you where to go from there.

Required Uniform:  We will be provided t-shirts & hats which will be given to you by the POC at check in.  Wear khaki shorts, pants, or capris with shoes & socks, NO EXCEPTIONS. Long black pants are also an option but no black shorts. No jeans of any color or pants with holes in them as we should look professional. New this year: you MUST wear non-skid footwear. They will be checking our footwear so no tennis shoes or other footwear. Shoes must be closed-toe and black. Non-skid shoes are available at Wal-Mart for approximately $25.00. Management will turn anyone away not dressed properly. Also, if you’d like your own shirt, $17.00, or hat $10.00, you may purchase these. Please contact me if you’d like to do this. I will collect and wash all hats and t-shirts worn at the end of the game and wash them.

Joanne will only accept e-mails requesting to work games so that I can save them in a folder in case of discrepancies.   Joanne will be the point of contact for each game, so save her cell # in case you need to get in touch with me before a game.

Joanne Tuin
[email protected]
[email protected]
cell: (757) 802-0410
home: (757) 482-4367

NOTE: In the Spring (March time-frame) the Amphitheater will begin scheduling classes for TIPS training (alcohol awareness).  Spots in those classes go fast so sign up quickly when that appears.

TIPS Training

– With this training you will be able to serve alcoholic beverages at Aramark concessions and know the various rules associated with serving.
– The training is valid for 3 years.
– You will be required to work a MINIMUM of 2 Ted Constant events (concerts/comedy shows or other exhibition shows) and 5 concerts over next season at Farm Bureau Live. I will track who works the events.
– Aramark pays for our training, so if you attend, you are expected to work the events. Aramark has the expectation that we will work the events if we have TIPS trained members. We don’t want to put our contract with them in jeopardy since we earn a large amount of money from working their events.