Practice Parent (Info/Responsibilities)

Practice Parent (Info/Responsibilities)

Practice Parent Obligation

The role of Practice Parent is a mandatory obligation for each family in HRC. The number of practices that each family is required to participate in as Practice Parent is determined by the number of families divided into the number of days assigned specifically for practice on the water. These Practice Parent obligations are tracked and documented and are an important part of the member’s good standing. If any family is unable to meet this obligation, it is their responsibility to find other members to act as their substitute.

Our rowers’ ability to practice on the water depends on adequate support on the shore. Therefore, failure to meet the Practice Parent obligation will exact a separate, additional penalty of $30 per practice missed.

Getting started, preparing coach’s launches and assist with boats

1. Arrive at the parking lot 15 minutes prior to rower’s arrival time (i.e. if the practice starts at 5:00am practice parent need to arrive at 4:45 and head to the boathouse at 4:50am). Try to carpool in one vehicle from the parking lot and bring a flashlight.
2. Sign in with the Dock Master when entering Atlantic Yacht Basin (AYB).
3. Open boathouse doors.
4. Turn on lights (inside light switch, outside light switch, and dock/launch area circuit breaker)
5. Parent #1

a. Take shoe bins down to dock and move the goose fence to the left sid of the dock.
b. Go help parent #2 until rowers are about to launch.
c. When rowers push off from the dock collect the shoe bins and move them off the dock to the ground past the head of the dock until rowers return

6. Parent #2

a. Take the following gear to each of the coaches launches (2 life jackets, one emergency gear crate, one marine radio, one Ship to Shore radio, one float cushion)
b. Grab one Ship to Shore radios for the practice parent.
c. Assist coaches away from the dock.

7. Launching the coach’s launches.

a. Unlock the launches
c. Put the launches into the water. Keep the cables connected or hold to the launch’s lines until you have the lines made fast to the cleats on the dock.
d. Turn battery switch on and make sure navigation lights are working.
e. Ensure the gas lines are connected and prime by squeezing the bulb on the gas 2 or 3 times. Check for leaks.
f. Lower the motors into the water, set the choke, insert the emergency clip, set throttle to start position and start the motors. Leave the motors running until the coaches get to the boats.

During Practice

1. Monitor the radios.
2. Report any boat traffic to the coaches.
3. Set out 2 slings and 2 towels per boat.
4. Take hose reel out to dock and connect hose. (Do not disconnect hoses connected to yachts and be very quiet so we do not disturb people sleeping on yachts.)
5. Pull hose off of reel and out to the slings.
6. Relax in the Gazebo and drink your favorite morning beverage while watching the sun come up.

Catching boats, coaches launches, and closing up shop

1. Parent #1

a. As boats call in announcing their return, place shoe bins back on dock.
b. Assist rowers to the dock by grabbing an oar shaft or blade and gently walking the boat down the side of the dock. When the rowers are holding the dock, move off the dock to give them room to work.
c. When the rowers have left the dock, collect the empty shoe bins and return them to the boathouse.
d. Put the goose fence back up.

2. Parent #2

a. Assist the coaches in tying up the launches on the dock.
b. Ensure tiller arms are in the up position prior to raising motors out of the water.
c. Raise motors out of the water.
d. Attach the winch cable to the launch before you untie the lines from the cleats.
e. Place launches on their repective skids or on the dock.
f. Remove the drain plugs
g. Lock launches together.
h. Put all safety gear, life jackets, and cusions away.
i. Put all radios back into their chargers.

3. Ensure hose reel, slings and towels are put away
4. Turn off all lights.
5. Shut and secure the doors to the boathouse
6. Sign out with Dock Master.