Required Attire for Regattas

Required Attire for Regattas

Crew Uniforms

Fall Season

Each team member will be required to purchase/use a ‘Juniper” Racing Top, in order to compete at the Fall Regattas. Rowers will also need a pair of all black spandex shorts and a white long-sleeve spandex shirt. A pair of black sweat pants or windbreaker pants is also strongly recommended. Athletes are to wear nothing with the Green/Gold Hickory colors during the fall season.

Spring Season

Each athlete will be required to purchase/use a Hickory Team racing “unisuit” and long sleeve black/teal spandex top, for competing in the spring.

The team also has bags, caps, hats, logo tee shirts, and sweatshirts for purchase.

New team members and current rowers, needing to purchase new uniforms, will be required to have Juniper tops for the Fall and Hickory uni-suits for the Spring instead of the separate top/bottom. We will be phasing out the two-part Hickory uniform.

Other Attire Requirements

In order to display a professional appearance the above-mentioned uniform items are required to be worn at each regatta, erg pull or specified “Team” competition and are to be worn the entire time at the event, while representing the team. If it becomes necessary to change clothes because of circumstances beyond your control, please ensure your spare clothes are all black or FOHRC specific clothing. Any questions about correct uniform items can be addressed to the Crew Wear Board Member, or Coach.

Temperatures on the water are often 10 degrees cooler than on land. Dressing in layers and being adequately prepared for changing weather conditions is very important, and crucial for comfort and health of the athlete. All rowers should have a warm hat and something dry to put on in the event of wet feet or rain. They must wear sneakers to the regattas, preferably an old pair.

After we are unloaded and set up, rowers will spend a lot of time waiting to launch for their race. Blankets, pillows, sunglasses, sunscreen and Chap Stick always come in handy!